Why I’m Tracking My Macros While On The Whole30

I feel like a common question that I’ve received is why I’m still tracking my macros while on the Whole30. I completely understand that the Whole30 is a means to provide your body with healthier food options to kick the built up crap out of your system, and to more so eat intuitively. It is just my belief that those that eat a more Paleo-aligned lifestyle eat intuitively. I respect that.

I also feel that a lot of people who have not followed the macro/IIFYM lifestyle might believe that we only feed our body donuts and cookies. That’s not why I needed a detox. I needed a detox because I treated my body like crap, and not like a temple. Your body fuels you to succeed in making it through each and every day. I’ve failed at fueling my body properly. Maybe it was one too many protein bars, or sugar-packed peanut butters, or lots of chocolate. Over time, my body got hooked, and it needed a time-out.

I’ve done Paleo before, and while I felt awesome on it, my body didn’t look awesome. I went from IIFYM to Paleo, where I didn’t track my macros at all. I got fluffy. I got fluffy because I was eating endless amounts of fat. I would demolish a container of cashews or almonds simply because they were Paleo.

When I got serious about IIFYM last December, I dropped 20 lbs and looked my best ever. I didn’t feel deprived one bit. Somewhere along the summer and fall, I became extremely lax, and to be quite honest, I couldn’t tell you when the last day was that I actually hit my macros.

My positive and negative experiences in eating Paleo and tracking macros have been the key factor in why I plan to continue with tracking my macros while on the Whole30. Through experience eating Paleo, I do know that my body felt amazing, and while tracking my macros, I know that my body is capable of dropping weight. If I combine the two, I have a really great inkling that I’ll look and feel better than both of those time periods.

I’m not doing the Whole30 to lose weight, although that would be an added benefit. My main focus is to kick my sugar-addiction, gain a healthier relationship with food, and then, in the end, I hope to experiment with non-Whole30/Paleo foods to see how my body reacts.image

The night before starting the Whole30, when I was planning out my meals for Day 1, the first thing that I noticed was that it was A LOT of food! Funny how you can eat more when you’re choosing from real foods instead of processed foods. In regards to tracking my macros, I will do my best to hit my numbers, but if I’m too full to reach them, then I will stay under for the day, but will do my best as always to not go over them. Sometimes life happens and we have days where we are ravenous, but at least I know that if I do need to eat more, then at least I have healthy options in my fridge to choose from, like sweet potato slices that taste like candy! {Sweet potatoes simply roasted with coconut oil}.

In Week 3 I might make the decision to stop tracking my macros, but for now, this system is actually working wonderful for me, and I am feeling simply amazing! Today is day 8, by the way, and I haven’t once felt the need to quit or have a food that is off limits! Woo! 🙂

Have you done the Whole30 before? Tell me about your experience!

Would you ever do the Whole30? Why or why not?


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    I think it’s interesting that you’re tracking your macros while eating Whole30-style, and have enjoyed reading about your experience so far.
    I did a Whole30 two years ago. As the month went on, I expected to feel fantastic, but instead as each day went by, I felt worse and worse. Luckily I kept a food journal so I could keep track of my food intake and my reaction. One thing I ate a ton of during my Whole30 was eggs. Usually pre-gym in the AM, and then sometimes eggs for dinner out of laziness. On Day 27 out of 30, I was reading my food journal trying to figure out what was making me so sick. Turns out… my stomach can’t handle eggs. On days 28-30 I felt so much better once I stopped eating them, and of course I’ve stopped eating eggs since then and have really noticed a difference.
    So my Whole30 experience was different than I thought it would be, but I’m truly glad I did it and also that I figured out what was making me so sick!

    • Running on Peanut Butter says

      I cannot believe that eggs made you feel so awful! Do you think that you’re allergic to them? I’ve never heard of that before, so it’s blowing my mind, but in a crazy way, haha! I’ve actually noticed that almond butter has the same effect as eggs do to you! Starting today I’m actually cutting it out to see if I feel better, because when I do have it with a banana, it just makes my stomach hurt more than peanut butter! At the end of the day, at least you were able to figure out through trial and error that eggs are a no-no for you!

      • says

        I had an allergy test done after the Whole30, but eggs didn’t register as an allergy. Most likely, I’m just sensitive to them.
        It would be interesting to see if almond butter has the same effect on you. My friend did a Whole30 with me, and found out she couldn’t handle almonds. Whole30 is eye-opening in many ways!

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          It certainly is eye opening! I’m really loving how much it’s teaching me! It’s a great reminder and wake up call for my Health, that’s for certain

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    I honestly think that tracking your macros on the whole 30 is great! I think we put so many labels and rules on things but in reality if you are trying to reach a goal and becoming happier in the process go for it! As long as it doesn’t turn into an unhealthy habit I think it’s so great!

    • Running on Peanut Butter says

      I LOVE your comment, so thank you for that! I think it really is just helping me stay mindful of what I’m putting into my body and how much of it, that it can only help. There are certainly so many rules and so many different lifestyles, that sometimes you just have to do what works best for you!

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    I did the whole 3o twice and then I just finished a candida cleanse. I’ve never done ififym. But I’m sure that it’s pretty easy to hit those targets using real food. When I was doing candida cleanse I wasn’t supposed to have more than 3 servings of complex carbs a day and I found that I rarely did anyway.

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    So proud of you for doing Whole 30 and getting rid of protein powder/bars!!! I cant stomach looking at any of them that anyone eats anymore. Eating real food is always going to be the healthiest route and there are plenty of ways to hit protein macros without eating those chemical filled bars! I’m so happy you are feeling great. Giving up that crap almost 2 years ago was the best food decision i have ever made! Next step is to eat less sugar because I definitely treat myself to dark chocolate/candy too often and feel like I NEED it most days. Brenda did so great on whole30 i want to do one but all the meal prepping kills me!

    • says

      Ahhhh thank you love!! You just made my day. It’s crazy because my grocery trips are more expensive on the whole30 but I can’t even imagine how much I’m saving from buying bars, supplements and drinks!! Brenda is so inspiring, and so happy that I saw she was doing it. Eating like this is so eye-opening and I feel like it is something I will continue to adopt after the period ends!

  5. Brianna says

    I did whole 30 last June and loved it! However, like you stated, I ate fruit and cashews like it was going out of style. Now that I use IIFYM, I can’t imagine how many C’s I was consuming on a daily basis. My C’s are kinda high right now but I want to cut the bloat/fatty feeling after eating protein bars, supplements, and powders without cutting C’s to prep.

  6. Lindsay says

    Yes I’m wondering what your Macro ratio was as well… I’m trying to find what’s best for me.

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