WIAW: Almond Butter That Looks Like Poo

Happy almost best day of the week! Aside from the weekend, I love Wednesday because it allows me to drool over everyone’s food. The only thing you won’t see documented this week on Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday, is the bacon that I burnt. You see, I was getting yelled at for laughing after setting the fire alarm off from burning the bacon, so I couldn’t take pictures.


So the first week of the Paleo Challenge is ovah, and I’m so happy to say I’ve stuck to it completely. Monday marked week 2, and here are some of my favorite meals so far.


My go to is a scramble made of 2 whole eggs and 3 egg whites, sweet potatoes cooked in coconut oil, veggies, and 1/2 of an avocado, for more healthy fats. This bad boy typically keeps me full from about 9 until 1/1:30.



Over the weekend I made PaleOMG’s Pizza Spaghetti Pie, along with about half of my CrossFit box. We somehow all made/ate this on Sunday, and we all kept commenting on each other’s status about how addicting it is.

Pictures don’t do this meal any justice, but it was SO incredibly sweet and delicious! You NEED to go make this yesterday. This yielded 6 humungo jumbo servings, which easily gets me through the work week!


I love nuts. I eat 1/2 cup of mixed nuts with raisins throughout the day. Usually a little around 12 before lunch, and the rest around 3:30, in between lunch and dinner.


If you’re like me, which if you’re on this blog, than you are because you like nut butters. The only ish I have is that they cost about $10 a jar for almond butter, and then they’re loaded with unnecessary sugars or oils. It’s hard to find an almond butter that is legitimately Paleo approved, which is why I’m in love with The Fresh Market and their “make your own almond butter.”


No added ingredients, just unsalted almonds. This ginormous mug of almond butter for $10.16. I know I could make my own if I bought my own bag of almonds, but we’re not talking about that. Yes, it totally looks like poop.

IMG_5922An apple the size of my boobs, dipped in almond poo.


Very important question: What’s your favorite brand or flavor of nut butter?

Barney’s Almond Butter will always be my #1.


  1. says

    I am not a fan of nuts, so I still eat peanut butter with sugar in it (and I’m proud of it haha). When I worked at a grocery store, though, I got to help with making the natural nut butters.. loved doing that! I cannot wait to try that Spaghetti Pie.. I’ve had a few pop up on my Instagram and everyone that’s tried it has given it rave reviews.

  2. says

    Your breakfast looks yum & that recipe – I must try it!
    For almond butter w/out additives – I like Kevala, Woodstock, & TJ’s (cheap)…
    for sugary ones – I like Barney Butter & Justin’s (Chocolate AB is addicting)

  3. says

    Haha I’ll never look at almond butter in the same way! I once tried pb & co cinnamon swirl and fell in love – but they don’t sell it in the uk so I have to face a long distance relationship 😉 Congrats for sticking to paleo! Reckon you’ll keep it up/modify?

    • says

      The cinnamon pb & co is freakin amazing! That’s my favorite that they make! I will definitely keep up the paleo once the challenge ends. Definitely want to see if I can handle Greek yogurt bc I miss that stuff!!

  4. says

    Hilarious title 🙂 I’ve never tried one of those machines but might give it a whirl some time. I’m still waiting to splurge on coconut nut butter. For now I switch between peanut butter and sunflowerseed butter.

  5. says

    I looooove nut butters. I love peanut butter, it will always be my favorite. Although it isn’t a nut, it’s a legume, I love Teddie’s Natural PB. BUT I’m trying to stick to a paleo diet, so PB is out the doory! I love Barney almond butter so much, it’s soooo good.

  6. Amee @ didsomeonesaychocolate.com says

    I totally made PaleOMG’s Spaghetti pizza pie on Sunday too! I’m all kinds of sad that mine is gone already. I ate some walnut “hummus” that looked like poo too. Or cat throw up. Umm, yuck. You’re welcome. Oh and peanut butter is fave but I don’t eat it unless it’s combined with chocolate. I stick to sunbutter or almond butter the rest of the time.

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