WIAW: New Paleo Eats

Since most of my main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are the same, I’ve been making it a goal to include and try one new Paleo meal each week. While breakfast is always the same, I thought a new lunch or dinner would be the perfect spot to dabble with. This is also a way for me to keep my What I Ate Wednesday posts different and fun. So for my addition to Jenn’s link-up, here’s to several new eats.



Chocolate protein shake with water and ice. From an experiment, I found that it tastes better with ice. This protein is Paleo approved, so I don’t get any of those nasty artificialness that your everyday protein powders have.



I absolutely never get sick of this breakfast, and I think it is what I have eaten for breakfast for months now. 2 eggs & 3 egg white scramble, sweet potato chunks roasted in coconut oil, and steamed veggies. I could totally live without those veggies, but I’m trying to be nice to my body.



I have been loving the meatlovers Paleo chili that I made on Saturday night. This has been making an appearance at either lunch or dinner every day this week. Yesterday, it was my lunch. In love!IMG_6426

Afternoon Snack

In the Bulu Box I received this past month, I received a sampler of the Paleo bar, NoGii.


This sampler was the “Nuts About Berries” bar, and holy goodness, it was amazing! It tasted like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, and I was so mad that my sampler was 3 bites worth. GIVE ME MORE!


If you’ve ever wanted to try Bulu Box, just use the code BULUGAN853 and get 50% off a 3, 6 or 12 month package! That’s 3 or 6 months for $15, or $5 per box… or 12 months for $57.50, or $4.58 per box. Woot, love good deals and getting sampler products!


PaleOMG’s pizza spaghetti pie has totally made a comeback into my life, and it is so delicious. This is honestly the one meal you have to go make this week.



Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday, and in honor of it, I wanted to make him a Paleo dessert. My parent’s won’t go Paleo completely, but every meal I make they have either said, “that looks/smells so good,” or when I let them try it, they really love the meals. I would love them to adopt more of the Paleo lifestyle, but they’re both adults, so I resort to making delicious Paleo meals and getting them to eat that way.

So anyways, for Dad’s birthday, I asked him what his favorite dessert is. He has practically no sweet tooth, so his answer was ice cream. Killing me. I will not make Paleo ice cream. I got an “apple pie” from him, and when I asked about apple crisp, he said totally. I’ve had Paleo apple crisp before, and fell so in love with it, so I was excited he said yes to it. He had no idea I was going to make it for him, or Paleofy it, so when he said it was amazing before realizing it was Paleo… boom, mission accomplished. Dad and Mom got ice cream with theirs, but I opted for warmed coconut milk. Ermergherd!


The recipe was from The Freckled Foodie.

All in all, this has been my favorite week of eats! Woot, woot!


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    Sweet potato and eggs is literally one of my favourite breakfasts! Juli’s spaghetti squash pie is still haunting me. There are no spaghetti squashes here! Gah!

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    That might be the ugliest spaghetti pie evah… I think it should win an award! Bet it delicious though. I do have a spag squash sitting in my kitchen at the moment…. The only prob is that I might consume it before it has a chance to be made into something…

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    If I have a snow day or early release tomorrow I’m definitely making that apple crisp! I’ve been trying to get Dave & Judy to make the switch to a paleo lifestyle for a while now…after 3+ years I think they’re coming around (finally). Anyhoo…keep a lookout in the mail, I sent you something 😉

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      Yessss do it, it’s so good!! It was a little dry without the coconut milk so consider more coconut oil and or maple syrup! If anyone in the family could go paleo, I totally see them being the ones! Eeeks I’m excited! 🙂

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    You know how you always say my desserts make you want to not be Paleo?

    …well, these meals have made me want to be Paleo. (Except I know I’d never be able to do it…stupid sweet tooth.)

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