WIAW: Staples in My Life

You’d think I get sick of traveling, but no, I don’t. At least not today, because I am frolicking in New York City today and tomorrow morning! The special event is Keith Urban at Madison Square Garden tonight… 8th row!

So while I’m gallivanting in the city, let’s take a look at my favorite meals or snacks over the past few days for Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday.


Whenever I go out for sushi, California and Rainbow Rolls were my jam, however, since going Paleo, those are no-nos, which is heartbreaking. When I went out to eat over the weekend at Masa, a Japanese restaurant, the only straight 100% Paleo option was Sashimi. It came out in an absolutely beautiful dish, and I was quick to demolish half of the bowl. SO good!


Paleo taco salad bowls are back into my life. Taco bowls have the best of both worlds. Avocado, meat, and veggies, all combined to make you feel like you’re eating something dangerously bad for you.IMG_6171

Cobb salads are my #1 addiction. This is the meal that I’m 89% guaranteed to order when I go out to eat. Bacon, eggs, avocado, spinach and chicken. Doesn’t get any better, and completely Paleo. I choose to use olive oil and a fresh lemon for my dressing. It’s simply enough, especially when you have the creaminess of the avocado to boost each bite.


When I was away on business, I made sure to carry my large tupperware container and hoard a tub full of fruit to eat throughout each day. I felt like I was in college again having endless amounts of fresh fruit at my fingertips. It’s a shame that fresh, cut fruit in the real world is so stinkin’ expensive!


This baby saves me every afternoon at 3 pm. 3 hard-boiled eggs (not completely cooked through – -> extra creamy) smashed with 1/2 an avocado.IMG_6180So delish! I’m also addicted to the pecans + raw cashews + raisins combo. I love nuts!

My goal is to enjoy a big NYC cobb salad tonight and a lip-licking good diner breakfast tomorrow morning. Cannot wait!

What is one meal you’re craving right now?


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