WIAW: My Favorite Paleo Noms

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! While you guys are reading this, I am currently either in the air to Phoenix, or working my tail off. We had a car service pick us up this morning at 3:45 am at work, before driving us to Boston, for our flight. Not sure if 3:45 am is the morning or middle of the night. Ugh. All I hope is that I was able to get some rest on the flight, as it will be a busy next few days!

This marks week 3 of our CrossFit Paleo Challenge, and here is a look at what I’m contributing to Jenn’s weekly link-up.



The Paleo quiche I made at the end of last week is still going strong, leftovers wise. Loaded with chicken sausage, sweet potatoes, and bacon, this sucker is addicting!


My other go-to breakfast, or lunch, is an egg scramble, with avocado and coconut roasted sweet potatoes. There is no such thing as too many sweet potatoes.



At the moment, my absolute favorite evening snack is warmed up mangoes topped with warmed almond butter. Crack.

Avocados are an additional snack of mine. I’m trying to step away from consuming a lot of nut butter and nuts in general, as it’s such a high calorie bomb, and self-control is not in my vocabulary, so my teammates have been suggesting their favorite snacks, avocado being one of them. 3 hard-boiled eggs mashed with 1/2 avocado = perfection!IMG_5938Sliced oranges > peeled oranges.


What’s one food you’re craving hardcore?

I could go for chocolate chip pancakes so badly right now!


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    And I was complaining about having to wake up at 4:30 for my race…enjoy Phoenix, though! I hear it’s a great city. I love how you never really have distinctions between what should be eaten for breakfast and lunch…intuitive eating at its finest. 🙂 Sadly, our serveries don’t seem to have grasped that concept so I’m stuck with normal breakfast foods for breakfast and normal lunch foods for lunch. 😛

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    I LOVE nut butters and agree that they’re big calorie bombs. I stopped buying them and just dealt. I then started craving cheese & salami. I gave into it for awhile. Now that I’ve added avocado to my food everyday, I’ve stopped with the cravings. I guess I just needed more healthy fats. Avocado is great though because I don’t overeat it.

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      I LOVE avocado! I find that if I add 1/2 to breakfast and half to lunch I stay full a lot longer! I need to start making nut butters as treats

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    That paleo quiche sounds awesome!!!! I’m definitely going to have to give that a try soon! Also don’t know why I’ve never mashed my hard-boiled eggs and avocado together. I love them both so much! I can’t stop eating clementines lately!

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    Right now, I’m definitely craving some sashimi. I had smoked trout this morning, but for some reason I’m dying for some salmon or tuna! Nut butters are such a favorite of mine, though. I’m partial towards sunbutter recently, as that’s all my college will allow since so many students have nut allergies. I’m happy with the replacement, though!

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    I came across your blog through the link up today and just wanted to say hi! I’m also a peanut butter addict. It’s bad. That quiche looks amazing! I need to make that. Do you have a recipe? I actually posted a recipe today that you might like. It was sweet potato crust pizza, which is also amazing! Anyways, nice to “meet” you 🙂

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    That quiche looks great!! What recipe did you use? I think I need to make something like that for my early mornings (starting next week) that I’ll have to drive to school. I won’t have time to do my usual breakfast & the egg muffins just don’t do it for me… I was starving not too long after. I need something w/more fat & some substance to it.
    I’m also craving some chocolate chip pancakes! Too bad we didn’t live closer & we could whip some up together!
    Hope you got some rest!!

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    Since i’m sure you’ve landed in Phoneix by now, I hope you’re having a fabulous trip. I’m thinking you should find a local spot for breakfast and get yourself those chocolate chip pancakes you’ve been craving 🙂

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    I am craving a big huge box of Goldfish! Seriously. My biggest weaknesses are salty snack foods, aka empty calories (sighs) If only, if only….

    On a healthier note: Check out my recent Chocolate Protein Smoothie recipe!

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